Divorce & Family Law Attorney

My sole practitioner law firm in Kingston, New York is a place where you can be sure your divorce lawyer will have a thorough understanding of your situation; will listen to your concerns personally and attentively; will be personally responsible for meeting your filing deadlines; and will be with you one-on-one through the entire process, from initial consultation through final dissolution.

Child Custody Lawyer

As an experienced family lawyer, I understand that traumatic family events in New York families such as divorce and child custody negotiations are uncharted territory for most people. Don’t worry if you’ve never been through this before. When your car needs repairs, you see a mechanic. When you need surgery, you see a surgeon. If your family is being buffeted by legal problems that seem overwhelming, I can help you sort them out and get you pointed in the right direction, whether or not you choose to have me represent you.

I have been through the legal process of establishing child custody guidelines for many families. I know the most commonly successful processes for reaching a peaceful agreement with regard to parenting plans, child visitation, and related matters.

Child Support

If you have been ordered to pay more child support or spousal support than you think you should be paying, call me for a consultation. If you are in need of child support or alimony, call me for a consultation.

Gay Divorce & Family Law Attorney

Regardless of whether same-sex unions are legal, separation from a domestic partner can have serious legal ramifications. As a family lawyer, I can help you navigate the legal separation process, and answer questions regarding assets, children you may share custody of, and other legal issues that you might not be aware of. Contact me if you are in doubt or need legal assistance through this or any type of family transition.

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