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Guardianships, once termed “conservatorships,” are a fact of life in many families. As loved ones age, they may lose the mental capacity to care for themselves and manage their own affairs. They remain highly vulnerable to accident or overreaching by others if left unprotected. When stronger family members decide the time is right to establish a guardianship, they will need to contact an effective elder law attorney such as Catherine Charuk in Kingston, New York.

I understand how to help establish a guardianship or handle a related matter with sensitivity and detail. I will explain how the guardianship works and how it differes from a power of attorney. For example, I will help you understand whether, and how, a guardianship will allow you to make health care decisions, manage financial affairs, make living arrangement decisions, or make “living will” types of decisions for an elderly or disabled family member in the State of New York.

I can help you explore alternatives to help you decide whether a guardianship is too extreme a measure in your family’s case. Perhaps you only need a power of attorney, or a living will to accomplish your goals.

Guardianships can also be established for incapacitated young people: for example, a young family member who has suffered a traumatic head injury, or a young person who is in a coma following an auto accident. They are also suitable for ongoing care of mentally retarded or developmentally disabled individuals who have become adults, but still require care.

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