Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning is important in protecting your family assets if you anticipate in the need for long-term care in later years. When clients have this goal, I point out that Medicaid is actually public assistance for the poor, so in order to receive it to pay for long-term care a client must become poor. If steps are taken in a timely fashion precious family property can remain in the family, while the elderly person can still qualify for needed health care.

I am experienced at enlightening my clients as to the rules related to guardianships, nursing home financing, management of Alzheimer’s patient issues, and incapacitated family members. I help my clients explore all the legal options and choose a course of action that is right for their situations.

Living Will Attorney

The public is increasingly aware of the importance of leaving clear and specific health care directives, also known as living wills. I can help clients convert their deeply held religious beliefs and personal preferences into legal documents that will protect them and their families from needless confusion and uncertainty should they become incapacitated.

Asset Protection

If you were to lose the ability to take care of yourself and your property, manage your own business, or remain in your own home, who would get the benefit of the accumulation of your life’s assets? Your children? Your favorite church or charity? Or the government? Prepare for the day when you may need to apply for government benefits such as Medicaid and at the same time, plan for the lasting legacy you’ve always dreamed of. I can help you make these goals legal realities through asset protection strategies.

In order to best provide for your offspring or cherished charitable causes, you need the services of an estate planning lawyer such as Catherine Charuk who understands the legal and financial processes that will protect and respect your wishes.

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